Can Vies demonstrations

In 1997, an old abandoned building in the neighborhood of Sants, owned by the Barcelona’s Metropolitan Transport Authority was occupied and transformed into the Can Vies Self Managed Social Center (

After 17 years, a court order favorable to the City Council, and the execution of it in a moment that could be defined as untimely, in May 26, 2014 began a series of daily mass demonstrations protesting against the eviction and demolition of the building. The protests were initially peaceful but day after day, are culminating in riots and clashes between police and a limited group of violent protesters.

In these images I want to emphasize the peaceful and civilian character of the demonstrations, regardless of the subsequent riots caused by the violent attitude of a few.

For more information, follow the Twitter hashtags #CanVies and #EfecteCanVies, check out the excellent photographic coverage of major professional photojournalists ( or read the coverage of the incidents by The Guardian or BBC.

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