Alicia, Princess of freedom, at La Rouge

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to attend another photographic talk at La Rouge Raval, marked on this occasion by the presence of its protagonists, Alicia and Esmeralda, two women representatives of Romani people, masterfully portrayed by Jordi Oliver during several years, dominated by the narrative of the injustices suffered by this ethnic group in France, with continuous evictions and expulsions, incredible in the context of the legality of the European Union, in an outrageous example of hypocrisy.

In addition, we also had the privilege of watching a teaser from the upcoming documentary film “A Story Unwritten” by Sairica Rose, a moving portrait of Roma life in France through the eyes of several prominent characters within the community.

Here are a few pictures taken during the evening, ended as it could not be otherwise, with music and dancing.

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