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On November 20, December 18 and January 22 were held the most recent sessions of the already classic photographic talks at La Rouge (Rambla del Raval, 10, Barcelona), an excellent opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to learn first hand from the experience of other authors in a relaxed atmosphere.

Firstly we had the opportunity to enjoy Jordi Oliver’s work ‘Abandonados’, made in 2004 in Yamuna (Madagascar), and photographer Abel Vilches presented its touching project ‘A través de l’ànima’, about his long term experience with children affected by autism spectrum disorders at the Centre de Recursos en TEA in Manresa (Barcelona).

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In the second one we attended the presentation of the splendid work of Brazilian photographer Luciana Crepaldi ‘Escaneándome’. A series of works made with a flatbed scanner as a means of photographic capture. From an almost casual starting point, she evolves and the result reaches a surprising sophistication and artistry. Mosaics of her own body and single photographs that, personally, remind me of Gothic stained glass or the Renaissance sfumato, in a modern yet classically inspired vision.

In addition, we also attended the presentation of a series of self-portraits made by the Jordi Oliver students, explained by their authors.

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As for the latest talk, the host Jordi Oliver presented his work ‘Mumbai’, a series of images that show the stylistic evolution of its author, driven by the change from 35mm to medium format 6×6, and marked by the use of color negative and compositions heavily influenced by the great masters of documentary photography and dominated by the juxtaposition of planes and the frame occupation with different points of interest.

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The next session will be held tonight (February 19, 2015, 8 pm), so don’t miss it and see you there!

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