Words of light Vol.1 exhibition

IMG_0031-EditWords of light Vol.1 exhibition

I don’t know if a picture is worth a thousand words. I can only make sure that photography -whatever its motivation, objective or purpose- is, certainly, a language. And, as language, is used to convey ideas, from the highest to the more mundane. Its uniqueness, compared to oral or written language, is that it has more players: the subject portrayed, without which the image doesn’t exist, the ‘reader’, who looks at it, who construes it according to a range of values, expectations and cultural constraints and, as an intermediary, the photographer, which releases the shutter and, thereby, selects a moment, a scene among the infinite possible.

Is this a language of words made of light, where both speaker and listener are equally important, as well as the physical media in which they are fixed. Thus, this selection is just the necessary step to complete the natural process of these images, without which the fact of photographing made no sense.

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